Recent graduate of York University’s School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design, Stephanie has been able to enrich her training in theatre through courses geared towards dramatic and comedic scene study, monologue performance as well as voice and speech training. Under instructors such as Michael Greyeyes, Soo Garay, Corey Turner and Lopa Sircar, Stephanie has had the opportunity to workshop these teachings through characters within The Children’s Hour, Blood Wedding, The Shadow Box, Five Women Wearing the Same Dress as well as various Canadian works including Burning Vision and Zadie’s Shoes. With a background in film from the Toronto Academy of Acting, in the summer of 2015, Stephanie created a ten episode YouTube based web-series entitled Tuesday with Tari where she performed self-written monologues for her YouTube audience. Stephanie is thrilled to put her training into practice on TLN’s newest project and hopes to one day work alongside some of the greats within the entertainment industry.


TED: Who were you talking to?

NANCY: No one

TED: You’re a weird kid, you know that.
If your Dad doesn’t show we’ll have to decide what to do with you.
Cross your fingers.